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Das Institut für Medizinische Informatik bietet die Möglichkeit, im Rahmen des Promotionsstudiums Gesundheitsinformationssysteme in 3 - 4 Jahren den Dr.phil. zu erwerben. Zu den organisatorischen Details (Zulassung, Themenfindung, Annahme, Curriculum, Studiengebühren) siehe hier. Interessierte melden sich bitte bei elske.ammenwerth@umit.at.



The conference chairs: Prof. Dr. Elske Ammenwerth (UMIT), PD Dr. Günter Schreier (AIT)

The programme of the eHealth2014 conference, organized by UMIT (Prof. Ammenwerth), AIT (Dr. Schreier) and HIMSS in Vienna from May 29 - 30th, 2014, is now available online at http://www.ehealthsummit.at.

On March-12, 2014, Werner Hackl has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: Erschließung und Sekundärnutzung von Routinedaten aus der klinischen und pflegerischen Prozessdokumentation: Ein Rahmenkonzept, Vorgehensmodell und Leitfaden. Congratulations!

In February 2014, a Memorandum on Drug Safety and IT was published, as a result of discussions in the Working Group "AMTS-IT" coordinated by Prof. Elske Ammenwerth:

Ammenwerth E, Aly AF, Bürkle T, Christ P, Dormann H, Friesdorf W, Haas C, Haefeli WE, Jeske M, Kaltschmidt J, Menges K, Möller H, Neubert A, Rascher W, Reichert H, Schuler J, Schreier G, Schulz S, Seidling HM, Stühlinger W, Criegee-Rieck M. Zum Einsatz von Informationstechnologie zur Verbesserung der Arzneimitteltherapiesicherheit (Memorandum AMTS-IT). GMS Med Inform Biom Epidemiol. 2014; 10(1): Doc03.

Also in September 2013, the special issue "Safeguarding Drug Treatment and Health Technology" of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology appeared (vol 76, suppl. S1), edited by HM Seidling, J Kaltschmidt, E. Ammenwerth and WE Haefeli. The included 10 papers reflect ongoing scientific work in the area of IT and medication safety, as conducted within the German/Austrian/Swiss AMTS network that was founded two years ago by E. Ammenwerth and W. Stühlinger.
In September 2013, the special issue "Evaluation of Clinical Decision Support Systems" of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (vol 59, no 1), edited by Elske Ammenwerth and colleagues, appeared. The special issue contains prominent research papers on the evaluation of CDSS in health care.
On 2013, June 12th, the working group "medication safety and health informatics" met for its fifth workshop. This group was initiated by Prof. Ammenwerth in 2011 and is meeting regularly to discuss opportunities for health IT usage in the area of medication. For more information, see the homepage of the group (in German).



In January 2013, Armin Scheuer from HIMSS Media Group Europe visited our Institute. HIMSS - The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society - is a leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of health care information and management systems. The visit was intended to discuss future collaboration when organizing the annual eHealth2013-event in Vienna. This event is the leading eHealth event in Austria and is jointly organized by UMIT, AIT, OCG and ÖGBMT, and - starting 2013 - HIMSS.

Our annual report about our activities in research and education between October 2011 and September 2012 is now available.

It can be downloaded here.

The EHR Arche project, a cooperation project with the Medical University Vienna, was successfully finished in 2012. Within the project, we developed and evaluated a prototype for an archetype-based Electronic Health Record.

The final report describing all reports is now available here.

Five students of UMIT, sponsored by IIG, participated in the International Frank-van-Swieten Lecture on Hospitital Information Systems at the University of Leipzig (June 29 - July 1, 2012). This joint Lecture that comprises international lectures and joint group exercises is organized by five universities from Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Institute of Health Information Systems, together with colleagues from the Medical University of Vienna, conducted a big IT evaluation study in Austra focusing on the benefit of the e-Medikation pilot project in Austria. More than 150 healthcare professionals, 5.000 patients and 4 hospitals participated in this pilot project.

On May 10th, 2012, the results were presented to the press. For more details, see the press archive.

The full report (in German) is now available from: http://www.elga.gv.at.

Dr. Jacob Hofdijk, Vice-president of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI), as well as Prof. Anne Moen from University of Oslo, participated in a two-day workshop at IIG. During this workshop, we discussed cooperation opportunities and finalized a review paper on eHealth activities in Europe.
Elske Ammenwerth has been elected to membership in the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI). The American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI) is a college of elected Fellows from the U.S. and abroad who have made significant and sustained contributions to the field of medical informatics.

Four students and two faculty members from the Institute of Health Information Systems participated in the IPHIE MasterClass 2011, that took place from July 6th - July 10th in Bad Wimpfen, Germany.

The IPHIE MasterClass ist organized annually by the IPHIE partners: University of Amsterdam, University of Heidelberg/Heilbronn, University of Minneapolis, University of Seattle, University of UTAH, and UMIT.

On April 11th, 2011, the ÖÄR (Österreichischer Akkreditierungsrat - Austrian Accreditation Agency) has approved the application of UMIT to start a doctoral programme "Dr. phil. in Health Information Systems". This doctoral programme is lead by our the Institute of Health Information Systems.

On May 20th-21st 2011, we organized the workshop on "Drug Safety and Health Informatics" (Frühlings-Workshop AMTS: Arzneimittelsicherheit und Medizinische Informatik). Invited expert from Austria, Germany and Switzerland discussed about possibilities to increase medication safety by information technology.The participation was by invitation only.

The group will meet again at the GMDS 2011 Annual Conference in Mainz.

Our Institute received the DAVID-SACKETT Award 2009 of the German Network "Evidence-based Medicine" for the work "The Effect of Electronic Prescribing on Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events: A Systematic Review" that was published by Elske Ammenwerth together with Uwe Siebert and Petra Schnell-Inderst. The award was presented on March 6th 2009 in Berlin. Press text (in German).
Foundation of ProRec Austria
The EuroRec Institute is a European Non-Profit-Organisation to support high-quality electronic health records, based on a network of national ProRec centres. Head of ProRec Austria is Alexander Hörbst. For further information, see www.prorec.at.


Annual Report 2012/2013

Annual Report 2011/2012

Annual Report 2010/2011

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Annual Report 2004/2005


Our Institute is responsible for the Erasmus Network of UMIT. Students interested to go abroad should look at the detailed information provided here.
Elske Ammenwerth is co-chair of the Working Group "Medical Informatics" (AK-MI) of the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) and the Austrian Society for Biomedical Technology (ÖGBMT). Among other, AK-MI organizes the annual eHealth conferences in Vienna. For details, see here (in German).
Elske Ammenwerth is chairing the Working Group "EVAL - Assessment of Health Information Systems" der EFMI (European Federation for Health Informatics).


UMIT jobcenter, with open positions mostly from the area of health informatics (in German).
Jobcenter of eHealth.com, with open positions from the area of health informatics (in German).
Jobcenter of the GMDS, with open position for health informatics, biometry and epidemiology.
UMIT OPAC containing the books available at UMIT.
EBSCO database only for members of UMIT
Information for UMIT students wanting to go abroad.


List of final thesis at our Institute.
Professional societies for health informatics: GMDS, BVMI, OCG
List of all programmes within health informatics in D, A, CH (service of GMDS and BVMI, in German)
Upcoming events in health informatics (D, A, CH, service of the GMDS)
Upcoming events in health informatics (international, service of IMIA)

Recently published books or journal special issues

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