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International initiative that seeks to enhance reliability and value of medical research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting of research studies Comprehensive lists of the available reporting guidelines, listed by study type: Experimental studies Observational studies Diagnostic accuracy studies… among others.

The Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library offers high quality evidence to inform people providing and receiving care, and those responsible for research, teaching, funding and administration at all levels. It is the best single source of reliable evidence about the effects of health care. The Abstracts of Cochrane Reviews are available without charge.

ECRI Institute

ECRI Institute’s history spans more than 40 years of applied research in healthcare. From its research roots and early transition to an evaluator of medical technologies, ECRI Institute now plays a major role in technology planning, procurement and management, patient safety, quality and risk management, healthcare policy and research, and healthcare environmental management. Here are some of the milestones in our organization’s history.

IMIA Working Group "Technology Assessment and Quality Development in Health Informatics"

The aim of this Working Group is to develop comprehensive assessment of healthcare information technologies, to demonstrate the value of assessment methods of healthcare information technologies, and to promote international cooperation toward developing methodological topics. Both the IMIA and the EFMI Working Group closely collaborate.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The technology assessment program at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) provides technology assessments of medical interventions for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). A special AHRQ Resource Center "AHRQ Health Information Technology" presents best practices transforming quality, safety and efficiency. The Health IT Evaluation Toolkit is an important service of AHRQ.

International Networks of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment

The aim of INAHTA is "to provide a forum for the identification and pursuit of interests common to health technology assessment agencies". Contains among others a HTA database and a checklist for HTA reports.

IFIP Working Group 8.2 on Information Systems and Organizations

The International Federation For Information Processing Working Group 8.2 was established by IFIP in 1977 as a working group concerned with "the interaction of information systems and the organisation". WG 8.2 conducts working conferences, publishes books through IFIP, and publishes a semi-annual newsletter (OASIS). In addition, the working group maintains a listserv, a website (this is it!) and holds business meetings.

Register and other resources

EvalDB: Inventory of > 1.200 health IT evaluation studies

The database contains more than 1.200 abstracts of IT evaluation studies from 1982 until 2005. They are classified according e.g. to type of study, setting and evaluated IT system. A link to PubMed is provided. This database is offered for free by UMIT, the University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology, Hall in Tyrol, Austria.

Human-Computer Interaction Bibliography

> 100.000 publications on HCI are here available.

Evaluation Cookbook

A practical guide to evaluation methods for lecturers, including e.g. information on questionnaire design and other methods and some information on "How To".

Usability Evaluation

Comprehensive list of website on usability engineering, provided by Marie-Catherine Beuscart-Zephir.

European eHealth Impact study

Study on the Economic Impact of ICT in Health Care. Database with more than 100 examples of good practice in eHealth.

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