Joint Listserver
of the EFMI Working Group "Assessment of Health Information Systems"
and the IMIA Working Group "Technology Assessment and Quality Development in Health Care"

There is no formal membership in this Working Group. Anybody interested can participate in its meetings, workshops and tutorials, and participate in the listserver.

What is a list

This listserver handles an e-mail list of people interested in the evaluation of health information systems. Each mail which is posted to the list is send to anybody subscribed to this list.

Who can participate

This list is open to anybody interested in the evaluation of health information systems, it is not restricted to members of the two Working Groups.

Who controls the listserver

The listserver is not moderated, but the owner of this list will exclude anybody who uses this list for anything other than discussion on evaluation topics.

How to subscribe

You can subscribe at

How to use the list

After subscription, you will get a welcome message with all details necessary to post messages.

When sending e-mails to the list, please take into account:

Whom to contact

In case of any problems or questions please contact the owner of this list,

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Last change: 18.01.2017