STARE-HI - Statement on Reporting of Evaluation Studies in Health Informatics

An elaboration and explanation paper on STARE-HI has been published in 2013:

Brender J, Talmon J, de Keizer N, Nykänen P, Rigby M, Ammenwerth E. STARE-HI –Explanation and Elaboration. Appl Clin Inform 2013; 4: 331–58. (open access)

Version 1.0 has been adopted by IMIA and EFMI and has been published 2009:

Talmon J, Ammenwerth E, Brender J, de Keizer N, Nykänen P, Rigby M. STARE-HI - Statement on reporting of evaluation studies in Health Informatics, Int J Med Inform 2009; 78(1): 1-9.

STARE-HI was reprinted in: Talmon J, Ammenwerth E, Brender J, de Keizer N, Nykänen P, Rigby M. STARE-HI - Statement on Reporting of Evaluation Studies in Health Informatics. Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2009: 23-31.

Core editorial team: Jan Talmon, Elske Ammenwerth, Jytte Brender, Nicolette de Keizer, Pirkko Nykänen, Michael Rigby

Futher Contributors (in alphabetic order): Jos Aarts, Emily Cambell, Petra Knaup, Christof Machan, Zahra Niazkhani, Christian Nohr, Habib Pirnejad, Joshua Richardson, Michael Rigby, Rainer Röhrig, Nicola Shaw, Murat Sincan, Dean Sittig, Christa Wessel, Johanna Westbrook, Jeremy Wyatt

The objectives of STARE-HI (STAtement on the Reporting of Evaluation studies in Health Informatics) are to provide guidelines for writing and assessing evaluation reports in Health Informatics; and by doing this to improve the quality of published evaluation studies in Health Informatics; and thus to improve the evidence-base of Health Informatics.

Method and Approach
An iterative refinement approach has been followed for the development of STARE-HI. A first set of items was drafted by a core editorial group (represented by the authors of this paper) based on discussions at the HISEVAL workshop in Innsbruck in 2003 and on their experience with assessing the quality of papers for either a review or a meta-analysis or as part of the editorial process. The CONSORT statement, criteria for reviewers of biomedical informatics manuscripts, the QUOROM statement, the STARD statement and other more general recommendations on publication quality were used as further reference material.

The approach and the first list of items were then further developed; preliminary versions were presented to and discussed with colleagues world-wide at various events, namely during workshops at Medinfo2004 , MIE2005, MIE2006, and AMIA 2006. The resulting draft was then openly published on the website of the EFMI-WG EVAL, and all members were informed of the call for comments at the end of 2006.

In spring 2007, STARE-HI was put on the EFMI WG Website, and potential authors were invited to use and validate STARE-HI. The most recent version of STARE-HI was also used in a pilot study to assess the quality of reporting of evaluation studies in a selected group of Medical Informatics journals in one particular year. This study provided feedback on various aspects of STARE-HI.


STARE-HI has been published (see above) and is open available at the IMIA Webpage (see above). STARE-HI has been adopted by IMIA, EFMI and the AMIA Evaluation Working Group.